Marijuana: Is Canada ready?

“Marijuana: Is Canada ready? ”
Steven Blaney calls on Liberal MPs to consult the public.

Lévis, March 8, 2018 – Steven Blaney, Member of Parliament for Bellechasse – Les Etchemins – Lévis today released the results of a consultation he conducted with the people of his riding concerning the Liberal government’s plan to legalize marijuana.

Asked to answer the question: “Marijuana, is Canada ready? “A record number of responses, several hundred, was sent to the MP and comments continue to flow.
In total, it is over 93.0% of people, a very large proportion of respondents who feel that Canada is not ready for the legalization of marijuana. “Throughout my political career, I have rarely seen such a strong majority speak so vividly and viscerally against the Liberals’ readiness to legalize marijuana. Says the MP.

Among the concerns conveyed by the comments received:

-People are disgusted by the cronyism between influential Liberals, tax havens and the emerging marijuana industry for recreational purposes;

-Devastating impacts on youth development proven by many scientific studies;

-The flagrant and recognized lack of preparedness of the public authorities, particularly in terms of security.

“I challenge the 40 federal Liberal MPs from Quebec to really consult and listen to the public rather than bowing to the whims of Justin Trudeau,” Blaney said. “Instead of hastening the adoption of a botched bill, I ask them to consider the views of people and act accordingly,” said Steven Blaney